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The Road Ahead..

Lately I’ve been having conversations with myself about what direction this noble endeavor is going to take in the future.  One argument would have the whole operation pulling up stakes due to apparent lack of interest based on online image sales.  But in another voice I hear a louder message of why give up doing something that gives you so much pleasure, on so many levels. But that’s a question for later on as this week the road would have me driving north to Pennsylvania both on Saturday and Sunday for two diverse events. Saturday event has the big flat trackers roar into York PA as Steve Nace’s All-Star-National-Flat Series pays another visit to the 1/2 mile limestone track at the York Fairgrounds, during the areas  “White Rose Thunder”  Event.  Then Sunday, it’s back up into PA  for the 2nd AMA Hill Climb at White Rose MC of 2014. There’s just something about those purpose built monster bikes taking on a hill that almost to steep to walk down, that sucks me in, and then spits me out when it over, wishing for more.. 


SVOMproject 010414 V1


Piston Poppers "2nd Annual Over the Hill" TT

PPMCtT 015

Piston Poppers MC TT  090714. What a day, what an event. what a unexpected journey into “Work-Flow Lessons Learned”  Some days just stand out on several levels and I’m going to put the “2nd Annual Over The Hill” event at Piston Poppers MC on 09072014, in that bucket.  Sure it was a long day as the Speed Vision of MD team, the always effervēscere Kristen Messmer, and the less so myself, arrived on site around 10:AM and finally started started that long drive home at 7:30pm. Surprising we bot had a good time even it Kristen almost got hit down around turn 2.  and my choice of  “dragging the shutter to get motion blur was a bit off,  Together we bagged almost 9 thousand image from the event. Which is always just a starting point on culling out the real “Keepers”, I can’t speak for Kirsten but in the past my work flow went as this.  Down load all the raw images onto one of my Drobo RAID’s, once done I then import the images into an Aperture v3.5 project folder in this years Library,  General event Keywords and image Geotagging is also done during this import process.  Once imported I would preform an initial grading pass, then start processing images that caught my eye. The next step would be uploading the final modified images to my web sites image gallery back end, at least key-worded with a bike # to make it somewhat searchable. With maybe a few images posted to Flickr with a link posted into a Facebook entry. The end result was a lot of images uploaded to the website with little or no visibility.  Nothings worse that posting some pretty good images and have no one see them. Time to rethink the process Last year was the first where I made sure I had printout that included riders Name number and race finishing positions. this year was no exception.  And I started using the printouts to metatag images with riders names, not always the easiest thing to do, case in point” How many 29’s are they?  Getting a bit more efficient, but not by much,  Moving froward to end of Aug and the BCTRA Delta race. I started two new initiatives, one to increase visibility and one to speed up the keywording process and ultimately the ability to search the galleries more efficiently.  Image visibility was increased by simply uploading a small heavily watermarked image to and event specific album on Facebook.  The second improvement was to use an MAC application by Circus Ponies, named Notebook which once entered allows me a searchable list.  “Type once, copy and paste forever”. I like this use of the technology,  Fast forward to Piston Poppers last week, and this entry. Using the available tools I was able totally process and upload a “keeper’ cache of 12% of total images to the website, in under 7 days from the first image. Shame Trailways was rained out I was looking forward to using the process on that’s event images. Oh well, just no control over the weather will do that.  But there’s the big event at York and  White Rose MC  this upcoming weekend,weather at this point is looking good..  



PPMCtT 014PPMCtT 002

SVOMproject 010414 V1


On the eve of the 2nd Annual over the Hill race at Piston Poppers MC

“Fastest TT Track in PA” I’m and fan and will not argue the point.  Something about Piston Poppers keeps me coming back time and time even if it’s the longest drive I make to a track.  Maybe it’s the high speed, maybe it’s the “jump, or maybe it’s the longer sight distance and the almost unlimited # of shooting locations.  Or most likely it a combination of all of the above.  I have to say this years “2nd Annual Over the Hill” is generating a lot of BUZZ across the Face Book pages. I hope they pack the paddock and stands tomorrow. Already starting to pack my gear for tomorrow, and once again I may shoot some video for the upcoming “secret project”  (well the only secret is that it’s not progressing in a manner I had envisioned). 

Once again, I will be teaming up with noted professional photographer Kirsten Messmer of KM Creative Photography to capture twice insane number of image from the event, my guess will be over 5K so we’re sure the get one or two good ones.  Fingers Crossed, Hope to see you at the track. 

SVOMproject 010414 V1


BCTRA Delta 083014 Outdoor

Last Saturday was the finial outdoor racing event of the 2014 season for the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association  (BCTRA). And what a year it was.  First class events all. well the ones I made, Missed the spring Delta event. and of course the rain out.  I can’t say enough about all the hard work the BCTRA puts into these venues., but it’s apparent, from many different viewpoints, I’ve said it on Face Book, Tweeter, and now here. “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” Looking forward to the 5th Annual Blind Enduro, and of course back to the “Cow Palace” for the indoors, 

BCtRA Delta 014


SVOMproject 010414 V1


Not looking Good.

Just was taking a look at at the extended 10 day outlook. How did next Sunday go from partly sunny to 70% chance of rain in just one day? 

Testing one, two, three,,,,,,, four?

BCTRA R4 web 012

I love playing with concepts that work one place, but not where I want them to. Case in point I was sucked in by an application that makes animated GIF’s  out of movies, image sequences, what ever.  I had this great idea about  embedding the animated GIF’s in my Speed Vision of MD Face book page as the header image. Remember what is said about “great ideas”, they are exactly that until put into practice. In this case my “Great Idea” wasn’t FaceBook’s, they won’t play. Matter of fact they won’t play for me in anything but email. But as one who is reluctant to accept defeat of a “Great Idea”, it thought….  Hmmm, wonder if they would work in the Blog. So here goes nothing. << Update 10 minutes later…  the GIF doesn’t work on the SVOMD Blogger page or on the SVOMD blog page. But how about that! It does work imbedded in a webpage.  Small steps Ellie, small steps. 

Temporary 003


Well so much for video GIFs Lets try some still image. GIFs… BCTRA 080814 Crash 1st passSVOMproject small


4 up 4 Down... It's a wrap.

BCTRA R4 web KM 002

Two year in the making, 4 weeks and it over. Yep, i’m talking about Baltimore County Trail Riders Association’s Gary Nixon Memorial Flat Track Races at the Timonium Fairgrounds,  2014 edition.   Sure one of the races was rain shortened, but the remaining three were blessed with almost perfect weather.  Race 4 was also the last time the Timonium outdoor races were held on a dirt surface, as next year’s races will be held on a gravel track. And once again I was joined by photographer extrañar, Kirsten Messmer, which is always a treat. And once again I came armed with a car-load of junk to support new shot ideas.

Like the “PoleShot’ 

BCTRA R4 web 005BCTRA R4 2014 08 19 00 37 MG 0533 ©DougMillerPhotography2014


And a second flash placed externally off-axis 

BCTRA R4 web 003


The racing was great,  I can’t see how anyone was not affected by #95s Ryan Henderson performance during the break. That young man has more movitation in his shoe then I have in my entire body,   

Got to bail right now… The basement clean up/out is calling me.  “Hey Big Boy, back to WORK!” 





SVOMproject 010414 V1


2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Hard to believe 3 out of the 4 Baltimore County Trail Riders Gary Nixon Memorial  Flat Track races at the Timonium Fair Grounds are already in the record books. Recapping the first two races where blessed with perfect weather. Clear and dry, cooler temps. While the 2nd race on 07252014 might have proven to be a bit dustier then the first, but who’s complaining?  Of course last weeks race was rain shortened and heats counted.
Lets get a bit more granular, 

7/18/2014: For starters I was joined by noted outdoor photographer Dr. Kirsten Messmer  who made the trip up to Timonium from DC just to do something she never had done before, which of course was to shoot motorcycle flat track racing. I think she had a “wonderba” time even thought it proved maybe a bit more strenuous than she had anticipated.  I had a great time doing what I really love to do.


07252014: Perfect weather yet again with maybe just a bit of dust later in the day,  Among the highlights was the long anticipated return of “The Dude” #13 Michael Webber and the intense duel between the big Triumphs in the Vintage Twins Feature between #99 Joey Alexander & #30s Jason Isennock  


08012014: Rain was always a threat, but we did see some great heat racing and maybe what was one of the most unique flat track racers I seen… ever.  #85 a 1964 Honda 150cc “Dream” ridden by “Duff” while not the fastest bike in the class if gumption was awarded he would have taken #1 spot.  In the end the rain won out even though there was a massive volunteer effort to clean up the track for the features races.  

BCTRA R3 2014 08 20 39 07 MG 0484 ©DougMillerPhotography2014


SVOMproject small


Long live the Fritchie! How-bout some flattrack Timonium style

Well…. image processing from the 92nd running to the Barbara Fritchie Classic is finally done. Had a ball shot and processed a lot of good images, but that was weekend before last, time to move on.  

This Friday night (July 18th) the Baltimore Country Trail Riders’ Timonium Short Track Series finally return after a 1 year hiatus.  Always good for a bucket full of images I love it, when the sun’s out,  hate it when the sun goes down and I have to rely on fast lenses, and faster ISO’s to get the shots I like.  Might even be the initial nighttime appearance of the “PedderWinkle”  Have to see.  But it will be good to see the local riders rejoin the forays locally (for me).  

SVOMproject small


Inside the shot: "To Fast for this frame"

As I mentioned earlier I like to shoot with a relativity shutter and pan for optimum motion blur At a track like Frederick with higher speeds and longer sight distances this can be a challenge. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but sometime is does.  The Canon 5DMIII tracked focus perfectly and provided some really cool motion blur from the mirrors of a large group of street bikes parked over the fence.  At this juncture, dust was not an issue. More on that later.  

SVOMproject 010414 V1


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