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One Book Closing, another getting ready to open..

Closing the book on 2014, and the end of a Nobel experiment.  2014 a year in review?  All stories for the next few days.  But the big news right now is that I’m finally done, metta tagging, processing, uploading to the Speed Vision of MD web site and to the Digital Doug’s Speed Vision of MD face book page.  A huge hall of 1087 images from the 121314 race and 1206 from the 122014 event, Done, Don, done! Close to motorcycled out as I can get. 
For the time being.  Not to worry, the feeling will shortly pass As I start making MC art images for the local art fairs and such.  But that two is a task for the new year.  And before I forget I would like to again thank, the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association, Officials, Track Workers, Optimist Volunteers, the fans who brave the cold, year after year, and mostly those brave guys and gal’s who time an time again, enter the gladiatorial arena,  risking personal injury and material damage, for at most a few dollars or a small trophy. My hat’s off to you.  

While processing images from the Vintage Class Feature, and the battle for the lead between #69, that venerable warrior, Ron Smith and #62 Mark Burkholder.  I was first struck by this images which really epitomizes the “Rubbing is Racing” mantra.  Or as I like to call it, “On Track Togetherness”. 



BCTRA 1212014 Ron Smith 003

Then later as I was processing this Victory Lap image of #69 Ron Smith, with a broken front spoke,

BCTRA 1212014 Ron Smith 004


I began to wonder, “Could there be a connection”   

And with that I must san Nuff for now, gotta go. 


SVOMproject 010414 V1


Round and Round and Round they go. In 10 short laps the winner we will know.....

Round one of the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association (BCTRA) is history, yesterdays news in “today-thought. but it was a great event, really, I really enjoyed myself more that a body should. Tried something new this event, which was to post all the full-sized images that were uploaded to the Speed Vision of MD web galleries, in much lower resolution. to Face Book to get better visibility.  Also with small exception I’ve stopped attaching  full name meta data to the images, only the listed bike number (# - ) ,  Saves a lot of time in the post processing workflow..   And look at that I’ve only just finished processing the images from the first BCTRA indoor races of season and the next and final races of 2014 is only a day away. Really looking forward to what now is looking like a “Winter Mix” free event… 

I couldn’t close this post without remembering the tragedy which so impacted the local racing community.  RIP Chris… You are remembered  

99 Chris Klinefelter custom Gallery







SVOMproject 010414 V1


Hard Choices..

As seen on the internet…


In wine there is wisdom…. 

In beer there is strength….

In water there is bacteria….

—— You Decide _ 


Missing it all..

There was a time only a few week ago when I was just about “Raced Out”.  So far in 2014 I’ve shot 15 varied motorsport events. Shot over 25 thousand images which equated to almost 4 thousand, processed and key-worded images posted to the web.  Yes, it was a loot of work, maybe too much at times, just trying to keep up sucked up all of my time. Two event weekends were the hardest, at one time I was about 8 thousand images and 2 weeks behind, but I caught back up.  Sometimes I  question if all the effort is worth it, as so far this year image sales have been relativity flat, I’ve taken some expensive equipment damage,  and other projects have fallen by the wayside. But then I reach a point like today when I miss the bark of the big singes. the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint. Well scratch the greasepaint and maybe change to racing exhaust smells.  I’m guessing I’ll have to wait until next month for the three BCTRA events on my dance card.. And I’ll be back in my Happy Place..  


Trying to move in the right direction.

Several Riders have told me they find the Speed Vision of MD   Events links menu structure confusing.  Some things I can’t fix, but that I can. I’m in process of rewritten the sites menu structure to make navigation easer.  Event links have been moved into year specific pages. Hopefully that will make it easer for riders to view their images. Hopefully all the links made the rewrite. Let me know it you come across one that doesn’t. 

SVOMproject 010414 V1


Outdoor racing, I hardly knew ye..

It’s hard to believe that the local, District 6/7 outdoor lat track racing schedule is complete, done, finis.  While I certainly didn’t make all the races I sure made all that were in my 2hr drive, comfort zone. Plus i added ArenaCross . Red Bull AutoCross, and the two relativity close AMA-Pro-HillClimbs to the card.  Big 1/2 mile tracks like Barbara Fritchie Classic in Frederick and  The White Rose Thunder event at York, both first class events promoted by Steve Nace and his All-Star-National-Flat-Track Series, the mid size races at Trailways outside of Hanover PA.  Which i missed due to a health issue and then a rain-out. The 4 races at the Goldelocks sized (not to big, and not to small, just right) TT Track at Piston Poppers. To the small, beating and banging type tracks like Baltimore County Trail Riders produced races at Delta and returning this year, Timonium Fair Grounds.  Not to be forgetting the East-Coast-FlatTrackers at Lampeter PA.   One I missed, and one I made.  

Different venues all different but at the core, all very similar, a collection of wheels, tires, motors, all piloted by competition oriented “A” personalities.  And what’s wrong with that?












SVOMproject 010414 V1


Doors close, and others open up Fall Racing is Here.

Truer words were never spoken. Optimism and opportunity blooms forever.  But in this case it’s more mundane,  I finally finished the images from the All-Star-National-Flat-Track series at York 092014. It’s amazing how quickly one can get behind in this line of work.  But it’s done, unless I go back and revisit some images for rework as gallery prints.  Three hundred twenty two of the best, searchable by rider name and/or number, that no one will ever look at. Well the AMA-Pro-Hillclimbs at White-Rose-MC and Freemansburg are also done so I can close those doors and open the one to todays event at Piston-Poppers-MC.  Already started loading my kit in the frost, yes frost, covered car.  No shorts and t-shirts today, looks like time to break out the long pants..  What happened to summer like weather?    

SVOMproject small


"Rookie Mistake"

AMA Hill Climb Freemansburge Hillclimb 002  1

Last weekend I attended the “The Famous”  AMA-Pro-Hillclimb event  Freemansburg, PA., hosted by the Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club, for the first time as a photographer. Other then being a spectator many years ago and trying to attack the hill with my trusty Yamaha 175 a few days later, I’ve never been anywhere need the upper elevations, let alone try to shoot image the runs. This beast is totally different from my only other Hillclimbing  experiences which were at White Rose Motorcycle Club in Jefferson PA. event.  Much longer narrower racing surface with limited access areas . Where as White Rose MC is very exposed to sunlight Freemansburg is a mixture of mostly shade with some sunny areas.  As I am a “pack it in, Stay all day” shooter I made my lens choice out in the parking lot pre accent, and was more or less stuck with what I packed.  I went up with the 18mm-35mm 40mm 100mm and big 100mm-400mm zoom.  All of which turned out not to be ideal choices,  Not knowing how the course shot, and the very lininted sight distance offered a better choice would have been the 70mm-200mm left back in the car.  I’m not positive but is there a one place on the hill where you can catch all the action?  I would have to go with no, it seems like shots from other photographers show most locations had similar issues, one sweet spot, some marginal areas and some parts of the run that are just unshootable.  Life is a learning experience and at this particular event I came up a bit short. The action was usually to far away, or two close for the 100mm lens which I ended up using after the 100mm-400mm lens took a face full of dirt and stones an started malfunctioning.  Oh well i did some images to work with like this shot of #37 Cory Strickler on his way past me heading for the top. . 



   I can’t close this post with out mentioning the “Verticross event..3  2-3 wide races to the top. Iinsane, frantic, but fun to watch, not too many other ways better to spend 10 seconds. . 


See Ya! by for now.. 

SVOMproject 010414 V1


Biting off more that I can chew..

Last weekend was a full one for me and my camera.   Two events, The All-Star-National-FlatTrack-Series, on Saturday at the York Fairgrounds. (No I didn’t think it as loud as a jet airliner in a hanger.)  And the AMA-Pro-HillClimbs at White Rose MC, Jefferson Pa on Sunday.  With over 3000 images the first day, then 1500 the next, my shutters were burning up.  I had anticipated having images processed and posted up by yesterday 092614. Seeing as I just halfway into both events that just isn’t going to happen, maybe by mid week, but seeing as I’m planning to visit the Freemansburg HillClimb this Sunday, maybe not.  It’s not like I’m getting paid for this. 

Board Trackers at York Fairgrounds 0922014
SVOMproject SS


The Road Ahead..

Lately I’ve been having conversations with myself about what direction this noble endeavor is going to take in the future.  One argument would have the whole operation pulling up stakes due to apparent lack of interest based on online image sales.  But in another voice I hear a louder message of why give up doing something that gives you so much pleasure, on so many levels. But that’s a question for later on as this week the road would have me driving north to Pennsylvania both on Saturday and Sunday for two diverse events. Saturday event has the big flat trackers roar into York PA as Steve Nace’s All-Star-National-Flat Series pays another visit to the 1/2 mile limestone track at the York Fairgrounds, during the areas  “White Rose Thunder”  Event.  Then Sunday, it’s back up into PA  for the 2nd AMA Hill Climb at White Rose MC of 2014. There’s just something about those purpose built monster bikes taking on a hill that almost to steep to walk down, that sucks me in, and then spits me out when it over, wishing for more.. 


SVOMproject 010414 V1

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